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I ive a contented life on the outskirts of Prague. My family is used to the familiar sight of my hands covered in paint, costumes that I am forever moving from one place to another and a continual stream of new paintings and pictures that I show them as my first critical audience. I like the area that I live in. It is a source of continuous inspiration for me. The figure in my ZOO is called Stampyfoot (Dupynožka). He will be your guide and tell you all about me as a person and what I do. For example, he may mention that after completing studies at the Václav Hollar School of Arts, I went on tu study stage design at the Academy of Theatrical Arts in Prague, designing costumes and stage lay out for several theatre productions and films. In addition he will tell you that I organise weekly art workshops for children during term time - I get so much pleasure out of seeing the joy on their faces. On top of all that I am involved in many other activities - Stampyfoot will no doubt tell you about those, all in good time!